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I've always had an architecture-orientated gallery or two, and want to continue, but I'm changing the emphasis so this Cities gallery will contain a rotating series of mini-studies of two or three places or themes that I've enjoyed photographing.  As a first effort I've chosen three of my favourite cities ; New York City, Venice and Hong Kong.  Each of them is vibrant, varied, with a strong sense of history that may not be apparent to the casual tourist without some work in the cases of NYC and Hong Kong. 

I have considerable portfolios in all three locations stretching from film photography days till currently, and I'd certainly hope to revisit all of them because there's enough  in these places, and sufficient change between visits to  avoid the feeling of being done here.  I didn't want to major too much on the iconic views, so there's no Grand Canal or Rialto for example.   And even when I've trodden the same paths as many others I've tried to find a viewpoint or an angle orapproach that makes the photographs hopefully more than commonplace.  I hope there's something here in each city that even the most seasoned traveller won't have seen before.  

1.  NYC   Downtown from Staten Is. Ferry
2.  NYC  from Empire State
03  NYC  Columbus Circle
4.  NYC From Moma
5.  NYC   Downtown from Columbia Heights
6  NYC  downtown from Brooklyn Bridge
7.  NYC   Chinatown
8.   NYC  Twin towers from Brooklyn Heights
9.  NYC  Midtown
10.  NYC    Chrysler Building detail
11.    Downtown NYC from Exchange Place
12.   NYC   MOMA
13.  NYC  From Brooklyn Bridge
14.  NYC   Brooklyn Bridge
15.  NYC  Downtown from Exchange Place
16.   Venice
17.  Venice
18.   Venice
19  Venice
20.   Venice
21.   Venice
22.   Venice  Burano
23.   Venice   Burano
24.   Venice  Burano
25.   Venice
26   Hong Kong  Wanchai
27  Hong Kong   Kowloon
28.   Hong Kong
29.   Hong Kong Kowloon
30.   Hong Kong
31.   Hong Kong
32.   Hong Kong
33.  Hong Kong
34.   Hong Kong
35.   Hong Kong  Central
36.   Hong Kong
37.   Hong Kong
38   Hong Kong
39.   Hong Kong
40.  Hong Kong

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