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a backward glance

This portfolio comprises urban photographs made to appear timeless, so it’s possible to imagine that materially the same image could have been made many years ago. Paris is a favourite location for this type of photograph, as much of the old core of the city remains. Sadly few of these photographs are from the UK, and whilst I have vivid memories from my Newcastle childhood that I’d dearly like to have  photographed, virtually none of the scenes survived that childhood and I’m left to stare enviously at the work of the few with the foresight to walk those streets with a camera. Conversely cities like New York seem to have preserved their heritage rather better.

01.   Abandoned hotel, southern Romania
02.   Piazza San Marco, Venice
03.   Archways, Biot
04.   Roof vaults in a circular tower, Aigues Mortes
05.  The Grand Trianon, Versailles.
06.  Steps, Montmartre
07.   The White Step, Bastille
08.   Chaillot
09.   Vefour
10.  Stairway near Ledru Rollin, Paris
11.   Carousel, Tuileries, Paris
12.   Place Dauphine, Paris
13.   Rue St Marthe, Paris
14.   Stairway, Habana Vieja
15.   Broadway, Soho, NYC
16.   West 70th Street, NYC
17.   Deserted house on Scalpay, Hebrides.
18.  The white house, Il Sassi, Matera
19.  Charles Bridge, Prague
20.   Chinatown in the early morning
21.   Meat Packing District, NYC
22.   Redcar, Steelworks
23.  Interior, Skogar, Iceland
24.   Bruges,  thirty years on
25 The man in the mirror
26.   Asymmetric church, Erice
27.  Carennac, Dordogne
28.   Las Trampas, New Mexico
29.   Poole Harbour, low tide
30.   Horn Player, Sans Souci
31.   The Reader, Pere Lachaise, Paris
32.  Night Streets 1, Erice, Sicily
33.   Corridor, Beelitz Heilstatten, Germany
34.  Colorado Diner
35.  St Cirque Lapopie, Lot
36    Matera, Basilicata
37.   Grain Silo,   Montana
38.   Isle of Lewis,   Hebrides
39.  Erice,  Sicily

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