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This portfolio dates from 2003 - about a year after I added monochrome to my colour work – until today.  I’ve always been drawn to subjects having strong linear or graphic content. So, despite being described as “landscaper”, I’ve been just as comfortable photographing in cities. The same structural elements I often find in the urban environment attract me in the countryside too, and I’ve never personally needed to eliminate the hand of man from my photographs on principle. After a while, it struck me rather forcibly that I was adopting a more structural approach to my monochrome work than I have when using colour – unsurprising I guess because in the absence of colour I have needed to increase the influence of another compositional tool to produce coherent, balanced photographs. So colour goes and form or structure grows to take its place.

To some extent, “Structures “ reflects a choice of subject, and indeed much of my photography features a construction or an interesting part of one. But it also reflects an approach to composition and inclusion. “Structures” describes both the subjects and my approach to photographing them.

For inclusion in this portfolio I need to observe a simple and unambiguous design, and sufficient local contrast to make that design work as a photograph. The longer I follow this path the easier it seems to become to determine what’s on it and what’s off it.

01 Fort Mason in the morning
02 Death Valley, tracking study
03 Study 3, Eureka Harbour poles
04 Ratcliffe 1
05 Groyne, Southwold
06 Adirondack, Castine
07 Astoria Bridge and dock remains, Oregon
08 Meters, Habana Viejo
09 Aigues Mortes, Bamboo roof and shadows
10 Time for a chat, Grand Central Station
11 Five
12  The West Quoddy Light
13 Coney Island, Fence 2
14 Grand Central Station New York
15 Metro. Prague
16 Cap Ferret, France
17 Compressions, Southwold pier
18 Astoria Bridge with one bird
19  Taos Pueblo 2
20 Fairground and onion dome, Blackpool
21 Jetty Posts at Astoria
22 New Snow near Middleton
23 Ratcliffe 7
24 Black ball at Blackpool
25 Venice, moving gondolas
26   Hulk, Djupavik
27  Synchronised divers,Dubai
28   Jin- mao Tower, Pudong
29  Grand Piano, Hong Kong
30   White seat, Sans Souci, Berlin
31   Pylons, Beaminster, Dorset
32   Keflavik waterfront
33   Ranchos de Taos
34   Keflavik Airport
35  Jin-Mao Tower, Pudong
36.  Ratcliffe Power Station  4.
37.  Gozo  Salt Pans
38.  Statue, Holocaust Park, Berlin
39.  Marais Rooftops  Paris
40.   Sand Forest

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