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ambiguous architecture

A few years ago I started using compact cameras to make quick snapshots of interesting parts of buildings , mainly modern buildings. These were essentially a by-product of more serious work in cities with bigger cameras. Having now completed an initially reluctant move to digital cameras, the compacts have gone and I found myself composing these photographs more thoughtfully and carefully. 

Ambiguous Architecture attempts to depict interesting slices of constructions that are essentially anonymous. They are shapes. colours, combinations that I happen to have thought stimulating.  Reflections of one building in another is a common theme since that adds complexity and aids anonymity. The photographs are not composed and framed in the way that I'd expect specialist architectural photographers to do it.  Given the nature of the portfolio I won't disclose detailed locations, though I will say that New York City, Chicago, Dubai, Hong Kong and Melbourne have all been much more productive than London.

01   Boston
2.    New York City
3. Dubai
04   Gateshead
5.  Dubai
6.  Melbourne
7.  Dubai
8.  Melbourne
9.  Seattle
10.  Copenhagen
11.  Dubai
12   Dubai
13  Dubai
14.  Dubai
15.     Melbourne
16.  Seattle
17.  Dubai
18   Shanghai
19.  Dubai.
20.   Chicago
21.       New York City
22   Dubai
23.   Melbourne
24. Dubai
25.   Melbourne
26.  Dubai
27.   Copenhagen
28.  Melbourne
29.  Melbourne
30.   Chicago
31.  Dubai
32.   Melbourne
33.   Chicago
34.  Chicago
35.  Dubai
36.    New York City
37.  Chicago
38  Seattle
39.  Lisbon
40.  Chicago

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