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About the photographs

I wrote this for my first website in 2001:-

"Though my objectives for each gallery are somewhat different, overall I aim to create strong vibrant images that are comfortable to look at because they are well balanced in terms of structure, colour and form. A photograph should express itself as a complete, harmonious and interesting whole that will stand the test of time."

"I work in natural light, trying always to photograph a subject in conditions that fully realise its pictorial potential. I try to achieve a strong graphic quality in my work, and simplicity is an overt goal. I try consciously to omit elements from my photographs unless I feel they can contribute positively to its success."

It's all still appropriate. What and how I photograph has changed somewhat since 2001, though my essential aim is the same. I still enjoy the act of photography much more than agonising about equipment. I changed from medium format film to full frame dslrs between 2007 and 2009, almost entirely for commercial reasons and I hope it hasn't affected my photographs much. But I'm not terribly attached to cameras, and I'm not acquisitive about them. I am attached to photographs, and to the places where I feel I can work successfully and enjoyably, where I can feel comfortable yet challenged by the opportunity. I always feel I'm coming from behind on anything technical, either software or hardware. I learn what I really must learn, and that's all, so keeping things simple is something of a necessity as well as a creative decision.

About the photographer

I haven't always been a photographer - I gave up a business career nearly twenty years ago to photograph and write. Before that I had about half a career working in marketing and business management roles with large multinationals, and a more satisfying few years as Director and part owner of a Marketing agency and consultancy which accumulated some large and interesting clients and which turned out to be quite successful. But it's a long time ago now, and for better or worse I'm a photographer now.

I'm married to Jane and since 1975 we've lived in Datchet, a village on the Thames west of London and near Windsor. We have three girls who all live fairly close by, and there's a couple of grandsons too.