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Film Photography in black and white

There are a few monochrome film photographs scattered around the galleries on this site, but this is the only place entirely dedicated to b&w film work. The photographs were nearly all made in the early years of the century on Tri-X film using Bronica 6x6 and Mamiya 7 cameras. Most of them are scans of finished prints, rather than scans of negs. So they look like what I intended the prints to look like then, rather than being an altogether different interpretation from scanned negs.

And that's where the similarities end. There's no thematic link or location focus here; they are quite simply what I consider to be amongst the most satisfying photographs from a time in which I was making colour slides and b&w prints pretty much side-by-side, choosing the medium I thought was most appropriate to what I was trying to draw from that subject. Surprisingly I rarely felt afterwards that a subject I'd captured in b&w would have looked better in colour. I thought then - and now- that it's easier to make a photograph seem timeless in b&w. Even to the point of creating a print that looks as if it might have been made far earlier than it was.

Of course its easier now since I can decide after the event whether a subject is best suited to colour or b&w. But strangely enough I'm not sure that this flexibility has improved my judgment any, and a smaller proportion of the photographs I make end up as monochrome than they did fifteen years or so ago. I don't think I actively look for b&w opportunities now whereas I certainly did in film days. I think I rather miss having to decide this very important parameter before pressing the shutter.

1.  The Coquille Light,   Bandon,   Oregon
2.  New Snow at Middleton,  Northumberland
3.  Ratcliffe Cooling towers   4
4.  Chaillot,   Paris
5.  Aigues Mortes, tower
6.The White Step,   Bastille,   Paris
7.  Piers, Fort Mason,  San Francisco
8.  South  Iceland
9.  Near Belford,   Northumberland
10. Carousel,  Tuileries,   Paris
11.   Bar roof, Aigues Mortes,  France
12.   Ratcliffe Power Station  2.
13.  Boat at Aber W'rach,   Brittany
14.  Grand Trianon,   Versailles
15.  Gulfoss -close-by
16.   West Quoddy Light,  Maine
17.  Montmartre steps,   Paris
18.  Works,  Redcar,   Yorkshire
19.  Arcade, Paris
20.  Grand Central 2,  NYC
21.  Sand ripples, Death Valley,  California
22.  Astoria Bridge with one bird,  Oregon
23.    Bruges, 30 years On.
24.   Menhir, N York Moors
25.  Shadow, Mesquite Flat,  Death Valley
26.  Steps to towpath,  Paris
27.  Chinatown.   NYC
28.  Man in the mirror,  Chelsea,  NYC
29.  Stairway, Habana Viejo,  Cuba
30.  St Mark's,   Venice
31.   Matera 2,  Basilicata,  Italy
32.  Isle of Lewis,  Scotland
33.  Oaks,  Carmel,    California
34.  Biot, France
35.  Bastille,  Paris
36.  Luskentyre , Harris
37.  Coney Island fence 2,  NYC
38.  Place Dauphine. Paris
39.  Five,  St Malo,  Normandy
40.  Hvita 2 Iceland
41.  Jetty Poles,  Eureka,   California
42.  Blackpool
43.  Shingles, Mendocino, California
44.  Musee d'Orsay,  Paris
45.  Mont St Michel,  Normandy

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