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impressions of landscapes

These photographs are all small sections of painted and corroded corrugated iron seen on small buildings in the Western Isles of Scotland.  I'd photographed the complex patterns of colour and texture on these buildings for years when it occurred to me that occasionally I saw something in these patterns that might look like a landscape - sometimes even a landscape I knew. Others seemed to share my conviction that there was indeed something there.   

Taking these photographs involves looking very closely for plausible scenes and I've found that there's ample scope for self-delusion here.  Photographically there's a challenge to realise enough depth of field, which I resolve through focus stacking several images identical save for point of focus. Turning the image on its side seems to add to the degree of abstraction.

The supply of these buildings is diminishing very fast as they deteriorate from a usable hut or barn to disused and then to a safety hazard in winter's fierce winds. 

1.  Backwash on gravel beach,  Cley  Norfolk
2.  Ross Back Sands and Budle Bay.
3.  Poppyfield at sunset, north of Newbury, Berkshire
4.  Baked Clay, seasonal lake, Victorville, California
5.  Hverir volcanic area, Myvatn, Iceland
6.  A fenland landscape in winter, near Wisbech
7.   Still snowing, near Belford, Northumberland
8.  Before dawn at Rumbling Kern, Northumberland
9.   Small beach,  Lofoten Islands
10.   Saltmarsh dawn, Stiffkey, Norfolk
11.    Midnight on the Thames, west of Windsor
12.  Lavender under summer skies. Valensole, Provence
13.  Breaker, Shore Acres, Oregon
14.  Mackerel sky and shoreline grass,   Poole Harbour
15  Shell beach
16.  Boats at anchor, Aber Wrach , Brittany
17.  Headland and skerry, Antrim Coast
18.  The tide line, near Crackington Haven, Cornwall
19.  More snow coming, North Northumberland
20.  Sunset,  Finvarra,  Ireland
21.  Midnight Lake
22.   Misty Valley, clear tops,  Scotland
23.   Wet beach and skerry,  Faroes
24.  Nighthawks.  Valensole,  France
25.  Sea Cliffs, Pembrokeshire
26.  Ploughed fields and dry stone wall, Cotswolds
27.  Rossnowlagh overlook at night, Donegal
28  A dusting on top of the Dales
29.  Lumber pile, Lauterbrunnen Valley, Switzerland
30.  Wet day on the moors, from a window
31.   Low tide at Marsden Rocks
32.   Turbulent morning, Bamburgh
33.  Rising Tide, Pollan Bay,  Donegal

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