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September 2017 saw me in Greenland for the first time. I'd been looking forward to it enormously but I left with mixed feelings. On the one hand the experience of a small boat cruising round an Ice -Fjord near the west-Greenland town of Illulissat was very special, in calm waters that caught the last of the sunlight and with a growing recognition that icebergs can be rather colourful when the light strikes them from the right angles. On the other hand it's a huge island with very few roads, so getting around from one photo -opportunity to another has to be done on foot or by boat.

So its a place that's a bit arduous to get to (Illulissat - Reykjavik is longer than London-Reykjavik) and there is inevitably quite a bit of dead time because the photo opportunity within walking distance is limited and you can't use boats all day every day. And with the exception of one remote settlement I didn't find the towns interesting to photograph. Then there were the cruise ships-or rather their hundreds of passengers disgorged onto small towns and walkways when there is clearly not a satisfactory infrastructure to cope with them without spoiling it for others.

Still it was apparent at the location that the combination of huge icebergs close -up and in low light was remarkably appealing and gave an opportunity to make photographs quite unlike anything I've done before. That impression was strengthened during the editing process after my return home. Just a pity that there weren't more photographic opportunities on that scale.

And finally, I need to emphasize that all of what you see here, in every photograph is ice and only ice. There is no "dry land" anywhere in these pictures, and that includes the mountains.

Icebergs  1
Icebergs  2
Icebergs  3
Icebergs  4
Icebergs  5
Icebergs  6
Icebergs  7
Icebergs  8
Icebergs  9
Icebergs  10
Icebergs  11
Icebergs  12
Icebergs  13
Icebergs  14
Icebergs  15
Icebergs  16
Icebergs  17
Icebergs  18
Icebergs  19
Icebergs  20
Icebergs  21
Icebergs  22
Icebergs  23
Icebergs  24
Icebergs  25
Icebergs  26
Icebergs  27
Icebergs  28
Icebergs  29
Icebergs  30
Icebergs  31
Icebergs  32
Icebergs  33
Icebergs  34
Icebergs  35
Icebergs  36
Icebergs  37
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Icebergs  39
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Icebergs  42
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