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Monochrome Landscapes

When first starting b&w work, I didn’t intend to make landscapes. I wanted to concentrate on types of image that needed monochrome to work, and wasn’t at all sure that after years of working at colour landscapes I’d “see” a b&w opportunity. But I guess it just crept up on me.

When using film, I tended not to shoot the same scene in colour and in b&w, so most of my monochromes were a decisive choice in favour of b&w, made before exposure. In general I was happy with the choices I made, and it was rare that I had any regrets afterwards. I can look at my collection of b&w prints without thinking "I wonder what that would look like in colour".

Digital cameras changed all this since you don't need to commit to colour or b&w until after exposure, and have the chance to think about it afterwards and explore options. I do still generally have a very clear conception of whether the photograph will be colour or b&w before exposure. But now I can change my mind after the event, and sometimes - to my surprise - a photograph I expose thinking *colour* ends up as b&w. The reverse is rare.

1.  Pine Creek,  Montana
2.  near Leyburn,   Yorkshire
3.   Flooded granite quarry,  Barre,  Vermont
4.  Benton Crossing Road,   Sierra Nevada,  California
5.  Langoya,  Vesteralen,  Norway
6.  Bisti Badlands, New Mexico
7.  Mesa Verde NP,   Colorado
8.   Isle of Harris ,   Hebrides
9.   Palouse from Steptoe Butte,   Washington
10.  Virginia Water,   Surrey
11.  Pine Creek Fire aftermath
12.Bisti Badlands,   New Mexico
13.   Windsor Great Park,   Berkshire
14.  Bisti Badlands,   New Mexico
15.   Ripple Creek Pass,   Colorado
16.  Near Sortland,   Vesteralen,   Norway
17.  near Butte,   Montana
18.  The Reader,  Pere Lachaise,  Paris
19.  Near Sortland,   Norway
20.   Near Washtucna,   Washington
21.   Columbia Valley,   Oregon
22.  Reeds, near Ullapool,  Scotland
23.  Ramshaw Rocks,   Peak District
24.  Pine Creek,   Montana
25.   Harris,   Hebrides
26.  St Leon,   Dordogne,   France
27.   Aspens, Maroon Lakes Raod,  Colorado
28.   Road to Great Sand Dunes,   Colorado
29.  San Joaquin Delta,      California
30.  Trappers Lake Road,   Colorado
31.  Virginia Water,   Surrey
32.  Bisti Badlands,   New Mexico
33.   Bisti Badlands,   New Mexico
34.  Dynjandi,   Iceland
35. Birches,   Dordogne,   France
36.  Budir,   Iceland
37.  San Quirico d'Orcia,    Tuscany
38.   Palouse,   Washington
39.   Near Ffestiniog,   Wales
40.   Bisti Badlands,   New Mexico
41.   Higger Tor,   Peak District
42.  Dordrecht,  Holland
43.   Beaulieu,  Dordogne
44.  San Giovanni D'Asso,   Tuscany
45.   Erice,   Sicily

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