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By the sea - digital photography

I changed almost all the photographs in this gallery in March 2020, not because I was dissatisfied with them, rather because I've done a lot of work on the coast these last couple of years and there there are quite a few that I'd like to see up here. I hope you agree.

I really can’t think of being anywhere better than by the sea. I never tire of looking at it; never stop searching for new places to access it; or seeking reasons for going back to favourite areas such as the Northumberland Coast near where I was born: or Oregon: or the north and west of Scotland. I usually hate noise at night, yet the chance of a hotel room with the sound of waves lapping or crashing fills me with enthusiasm.

The weather seems to move more quickly on the coast which means more visual variety. And whilst dark cloud inland often signifies an unproductive and boring day, a dark and stormy day near the ocean creates a unique opportunity for those of us that remain optimistic and don’t give up.

1.  Benbecula    Hebrides
2.  Laide    Wester Ross    Scotland
3. Elegug Stacks    Pembroke    Wales
4.  Brancaster.   Norfolk    UK
5.  Seilebost    Harris    Hebrides
6.  Utakliev    Lofoten    Norway
7  St Cwyfan's    Anglesey    Wales
8.  Cantabria    Spain
9.  Disko Island    Greenland
10.   Traeth Llyfin    Pembroke    Wales
11.  Portizuelo   Asturias   Spain
12.    Dos Castros    Galicia    Spain
13.   Settlement   West Greenland
14.    Cantabria    Spain
15.   Tenby    Wales
16.  Burnham Overy Staithe    Norfolk
17.  Hamn i Senja     Norway
18.  Portizuelo    Asturias    Spain
19.    Dos Castros     Galicia     Spain
20.  Craster     Northumberland
21.  Green Bridge of Wales    Pembroke    Wales
22.  Whitstable    Kent
23.  Disko Island     Greenland
24.  Playa Gueirua     Asturias     Spain
25.  Lofotens     Norway
26.  Brancaster Staithe    Norfolk
27.  Senja    Norway
28.   Eriskay    Hebrides
29.    Cantabria     Spain
30.   Thornham   Norfolk
31.    Dos Castros     Galicia    Spain
32.   Playa Borizu    Asturias    Spain
33.  Utakliev    Lofotens    Norway
34.  West   Greenland
35.  Berneray    Hebrides
36.     Portizuelo   Asturias    Spain
37.  Scarista     Harris     Hebrides
38.  Playa de Catedrales.   Galicia     Spain
39.    Three Cliffs Beach    Gower    Wales
40.    Eriskay    Hebrides    Scotland
41.    Lofotens  Norway
42.  West Greenland
43.   Cantabria     Spain
44.   Playa Catedrales    Galicia    Spain
45.  Whitstable   Kent
46.  Cullernose Point   Northumberland
47.  Near Tromso   Norway
48   Playa de Catedrales   Galicia   Spain
49.  Arnia   Cantabrica    Spain
50.   Lofotens   Norway

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