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by the sea - film photography

These photographs were all made on slide film and scanned.  It is the only gallery on the site dedicated entirely to film photography. 

When I assembled the photographs for my first website a dozen years ago or more,  all the candidates were Medium Format film, mostly Velvia and Provia  colour slide with a few Tri-X black & whites.  It's what people like me did in those days, and the first task after every trip was to get  into London to get my slides processed and sleeved.  Given I was sometimes carrying 75 rolls of mixed 120 and 220  it was probably no mean task for the lab to make sure I was standing at one of their light tables looking at my slides in two hours sharp, but they always seemed to get it done, and I always appreciated their effort. 

Nowadays 100% digital,  it does of course take me longer to get that first look and much longer to go through the processing cycle to the point where I have something close to finished images.   To be fair it may take longer but I get fewer surprises and it costs a whole lot less.

So the proportion of film photographs in this version of my site is below 15%.   I'm pleased  I have a flow of new photographs and new themes sufficient to keep this place on the move.  But I owe a lot to the disciplines I needed when using such exposure-critical. and unforgiving film .  And of course I recognise that some have decided not to transfer their photography to digital because they prefer the look and the process of film.  For lots of reasons I made different choices and I have few regrets.  But like home-towns, it's best not to forget where you come from. 

1.   Rosamol Beach, Harris, Hebrides
2. Walberswick,  Suffolk
3. Corrie Beach,   Arran
4.   Corea,  Maine
5.  West Coast, Isle of Arran
6.  Isle of Lewis,   Hebrides
7.  Mudeford Spit, Dorset
8.  Westport Harbour,  Ireland
9.  Longhoughton, Northumberland
10. Southwold,  Suffolk
11.  Cannon Beach,   Oregon
12.   Eddrachilles,   Scotland
13.  Harris Beach,  Oregon
14.   Amble,   Northumberland
15.  Erratic, Corrie Beach, Isle of Arran
16.  Fishing harbour,  Isle of Harris
17. Sandstone Fin,  Corrie Beach,  Arran
18.   Bamburgh,  Northumberland
19.   Oldshoremore, Scotland
20.   Bandon,  Oregon
21.   Barra,   Hebrides
22.   Corrie Beach,   Arran
23.  Worbarrow Tout,   Dorset
24  Dawn near Sligo
29.  St Malo, Normandy, France
26   Budle Bay  Northumberland
27  Luskentyre,   Isle of Harris,   Hebrides
28.   Corea,  Maine
25.   Heybridge, Essex
30.    Peggys Cove,   Nova Scotia
31.  Pollan Bay,  Ireland
32.    Fins and pools, Corrie Beach, Arran
33.   Sea-stacks, Bandon, Oregon
34.   Cummingston,   Scotland
35.   dawn, Benbecula, Outer Hebrides
36.   Luskentyre, Harris,  Hebrides
37.   Aldeburgh, Suffolk
38.   Cummingston,   Scotland
39.   Wareham,  Dorset
40.  Giants Causeway,   N. Ireland

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