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So here's something of a change. The City is Bilbao; all the photographs are of or from Frank Gehry's monumental Guggenheim museum, and all made in a three day period in October 2018. This wasn't the first time I'd photographed this building, and neither is it the only Gehry-designed building I've been pleased to spend time on and in. In 2003 a commission I was working on resulted in my booking three days at a nearby hotel with the intention of photographing just that one Bilbao building. And I did that - well sort of, because on the first morning I tripped and damaged a knee quite badly. Result was that I spent most of those three days on my bed with the contents of the minibar stacked around my knee. I was able to hobble down to the Guggenheim twice each day for an hour and managed a few decent photographs.

So this has been unfinished business for fifteen years, and I'm pleased to say that this time I had no mishaps either to me or my cameras, and no real weather issues either. I had imagined that I'd want to photograph other things in Bilbao too, but though I found the city pleasant I saw no other subject that appealed, so we walked, ate tapas and photographed this building. Inevitably most of the photo's are details and indeed I've never seen a building with such a range of angles and scales to work from, and three days passed quite quickly.

I enjoyed also, and am pleased to include here, some photographs of Jeff Koons' metallic tulips, impressively on display at the river side of the building.

Bilbao Guggenheim-1
Bilbao Guggenheim-2
Bilbao Guggenheim-3
Bilbao Guggenheim-4
Bilbao Guggenheim-5
Bilbao Guggenheim-6
Bilbao Guggenheim-7
Bilbao Guggenheim-8
Bilbao Guggenheim-9
Bilbao Guggenheim-10
Bilbao Guggenheim-11
Bilbao Guggenheim-12
Bilbao Guggenheim-13
Bilbao Guggenheim-14
Bilbao Guggenheim-15
Bilbao Guggenheim-16
Bilbao Guggenheim-17
Bilbao Guggenheim-18
Bilbao Guggenheim-19
Bilbao Guggenheim-20
Bilbao Guggenheim-21
Bilbao Guggenheim-22
Bilbao Guggenheim-23
Bilbao Guggenheim-24
Bilbao Guggenheim-25
Bilbao Guggenheim-26
Bilbao Guggenheim-27
Bilbao Guggenheim-28
Bilbao Guggenheim-29
Bilbao Guggenheim-30
Bilbao Tulips Guggenheim-31
Bilbao Tulips Guggenheim-32
Bilbao Tulips Guggenheim-33
Bilbao Tulips Guggenheim-34
Bilbao Tulips Guggenheim-35
Bilbao Tulips Guggenheim-36
Bilbao Tulips Guggenheim-37
Bilbao Tulips Guggenheim-38
Bilbao Tulips Guggenheim-39
Spain Guggenheim-40

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