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 Much of my photography has taken place in Spring and Autumn, and I've tended to avoid summer and winter.  I don't think I'm alone in this.  So whilst I'd done a little work in snow and ice, that's been happenstance not by design.  But I'd always enjoyed it and found myself wanting more. 

So winter 2015 saw me taking trips to Iceland and Norway's  Lofoten Islands complete with a new and serious wardrobe.  Not being used to driving in severe conditions, I joined photographic groups for  these - something I hadn't done for a very long time -  and a challenge in itself because I'm used to making my own arrangements and deciding where & when I get up, stay in bed, eat, how long I stay at a spot, and so on.  And I'm not a good compromiser. 

You don't photograph as much with a group and in winter.  Days are short, a group is much slower, doesn't stop everywhere you'd like, and weather in places like Iceland can make photography unpleasant or quite impossible.  That said, and despite largely abortive attempts to photograph the Aurora Borealis, we were at least in locations able to yield quality photographs when conditions permitted;  and  I returned pleased with those photographs I'd got though frustrated that there couldn't be more of  them.  I'll do it again. 

01.   Budir,    Iceland
02.   Lake Ostadvatnet,  Lofoten Islands
03.   Snaefellsnes,  Iceland
04. Disko Island,  Greenland
05.  Snow filling footmarks,   Vik,   Iceland
06.   Flakstad,    Lofoten Islands
07.   Vareid,   Lofoten Islands
08.    Selfjorden,  Lofoten Islands
09.   Sund,  Lofoten Islands
10.   near Leknes,     Lofoten Islands
11.  Storsandnes,  Lofotens,   Norway
12.  Near Kanstad, Norway
13.   Snaefellsnes,    Iceland
14.  Budir,  Iceland
15.   Glacier,    Iceland
16.  Ramberg,   Lofoten Islands
17.  Nusfjord,    Lofoten Islands
18.   Reine,  Lofoten Islands
19.    Selfjorden,   Lofoten Islands
20.  Snaefellsnes   Iceland
21.   Southern Iceland
22.   Budir,    Iceland
23.  Myrdalsandur,    Iceland
24.  'Mount Fuji,'  Langoya,   Norway
25.  Near Hali,   Iceland
26.    Sund,    Lofoten Islands
27.   Ramberg,    Lofoten Islands
28.  Senja,    Norway
29.   Ramberg,    Lofoten Islands
30.   Bo,    Lofoten Islands
31.   Snaefellsnes,   Iceland
32.  Kleiva,  near Sortland,   Norway
33.   Gullesfjorden,   Norway
34.  Budir,    Iceland
35. Near Tromso,   Norway
36.    Near Tromso,   Norway
37.  Skagsanden Beach,   Lofoten Islands
38.  Unstad,    Lofoten Islands
39.   Sund,   Lofoten Islands
40.  Selfjorden,    Lofoten Islands

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