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Italy landscape

Italy has long been a favourite place to photograph for me.  From 1996 on I made an annual trip to southern Tuscany, mostly in spring, occasionally in autumn, to photograph an area that for some years was the place I most looked forward to being with a camera.  Times change and I visit Tuscany far less these days as other priorities and preferences emerged, but I still value those trips and some of the results I got from them, and a couple of the images here are more than twenty years old.  

Since then I've visited many other parts of the country. In some I've found I can photograph, and in others I've been disappointed - sometimes in what I've seen, sometimes in my ability to make sense out of them with a camera.  I can't explain why I can enjoy photographing Venice, but not Rome where I've had two otherwise enjoyable trips without exposing a single frame. 

01.  Castelmezzano,  Basilicata
02.   near Venosa,   Basilicata
03.  Irsina, Basilicata
04.    On the road to Radi in the morning
05  Assissi,   Umbria
06  Undulating farmland around San Quirico.
07.  crops and a small barn, Il Crete
08.  Monteroni   Tuscany
09.  San Antimo,   Tuscany
10.  Belvedere. Tuscany
11.   View south from San Quirico
12.  Winter dawn San Quirico  Tuscany
13. Trees near Torrenieri, Tuscany
14.   San Georgio Maggiore,   Venice
15.  On the road to Asciano   Tuscany
16. Monti Sibillini,   Umbria
17.  Montefalco,   Umbria
18.  Erice,    Sicily
19.   Near Irsina,   Basilicata
20.   Matera,   Basilicata
21.   Monti Sibillini,   Umbria
22.  On the road to Pienza
23.   Erice, Sicily
24.   Le Marche
25.    San Quirico,    Tuscany
26.  South from San Quirico d'Orcia,  Tuscany
27.   Ascoli Piceno,    Marche
28.   Fog,  Erice,   Sicily
29.    Gallipoli,   Puglia
30.    Monti Sibillini,   Umbria
31.   Colle di Val d'Elsa,   Tuscany
32.   San Quirico,    Tuscany
33.   Montefalco,   Umbria
34.   near Offida,  Marche
35.  Monti Sibillini,  Umbria
36.   Gallipoli,   Puglia
37.   Near Banzi,  Basilicata
38.  Gran Sasso, Umbria
39.  Monti Sibillini,  Umbria
40.    Matera,   Basilicata

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