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This portfolio starts with just a few favourites that I still think should be  on this site, but progresses quickly to a range of photographs from Iceland. This  may surprise you in the context of Iceland's reputation of being clean and pristine, even maybe to the point of dullness in the urban areas at least.

The reality is that Iceland is fertile territory for those interested in the disused, abandoned or stuff just simply left lying about.   I assume that's because although its a small country it has a small population too, and  there's no shortage of land.  So as soon as property falls into disuse, there's little real need to fence it off, knock it down and replace it right away.  There's plenty of room to build anyway.  So old fish factories , warehouses , and so on are left in suspended animation for years  In other cases quasi museums collect and show ancient vehicles and aeroplanes.  There's a large steamship just left on a beach in the West Fjords.  So there's a whole lot to see for those prepared to look  and whose imaginations stretch beyond the pretty.      

1.  Beelitz  Heilstatten
2.  Inside a cooling tower, Romania
3.  Hotel, Romania
4.  Apartment, Romania
5.   Girl's School. Kent
6.  Boat out of water, Isafjordur
7.  Entry pipe, fish oil tanks
8.  Cockpit 2 Hnjotur
9.   Cockpit, Hnjotur
10.  Pumphouse
11.   Herring Oil Tanks
12.  Chains,  Isafjordur
13.  After the exhibition 1
14.   Djupavik,  Herring Factory
15.  Djupavik, Herring Factory and hulk
16.  Oil Tanks, Djupivogur 1.
17.  Workshop, Djupavik
18.  After the exhibition 2.
19.  Cog
20.  Herring factory
21.  Metal Bin
22.  Furnace
23.  Far apart
24.  Bearing up.
25.   Hopper
26.  Signature
27.  Control Panel
28.  Motor.
29.  Fish Oil Tank
30.  Herring Oil Tank 2
31. Oil tanks, Djupavogur 2
32.   Girders, Isafjordur.
33.  Hulk.
34.  Clasp
35.  Paint
36.  Chain
37.  Clasp 2
38.  Metal
39.  Bow
40. The rain gets in.
41.  In the herring factory
42.  In the herring factory 2.
43.  Spilled Paint
44.  After the show.  3
45.  Boat parts

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