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Monochrome- urban and structures

A selection of photographs dedicated to the hand of man, from urbanised landscapes to photographs of objects that interested me. They are mostly, though not exclusively digital in origin. Although as I've said before the choice of a b&w treatment does often make something look a bit older than it is, there's a mixture of ancient and modern in here.

My own experience- which I appreciate others might not share- is that I find it easier to make good b&w photographs in towns & cities than out in the country. My early exploits in monochrome were almost exclusively in urban environments. I think the reason for this is that there's a lot of distracting colour in cities- whether signeage, ads, traffic lights, people, clothes, cars, or buses- I've often found it very difficult, in places like Paris and New York for example, to make good colour photographs because the colour of this "litter" is much stronger than the colour in the elements that you actually want. Choosing a b&w rendition was initially for me a way of preventing my photographs being swamped the sheer brightness of things I didn't really want in them. It gives the underlying buildings or structures a chance to compete against the clutter we've put on and around them.

1.  Beaminster,   Dorset
2.   Asymmetric church,   Erice,  Sicily
3.  Hotel,   Hong Kong
4.  Castine,  Maine
5.  Rex Cinema,   Paris
6.  Southwold,  Suffolk
7.  Ratcliffe on Soar 1,    Nottingham
8.  Holocaust Park,  Berlin
9.  R Tyne,   Newcastle.
10.    Skogar,   Iceland
11.  Ranchos de Taos,   New Mexico
12.  Waterfall,   Dubai,   UAE
13.  Marais rooftops,   Paris
14.   Taos Pueblo,   New Mexico
15.   Trampas,   New Mexico
16.  Vaulting,   Aigues Mortes,   France
17.   Cenac,  Dordogne,   France
18.  Grand Central Station,  NYC
19.   Lochboisdale,   S Uist,   Hebrides
20.   Chicago,  USA
21..   Salford, Manchester
22.  Los Angeles,  USA
23.  Chrysler Building,  NYC
24.   Salford Quays,  Manchester
25.   Reichstag,   Berlin
26.  Steelworks,  Redcar,   Yorkshire
27.  NYC Skyline from Jersey
28.  Djupavik,   Iceland
29.   Meatpacking District,   NYC
30.  Stockade,  Fort Ord,    California
31.  Berlin, Germany
32.  Girders,  Isafjordur,   Iceland
33.  Chicago,  USA
34.  Jin Mao Tower,  Pudong,   China
35.  Holocaust Park,   Berlin,   Germany
36.  Stainless steel pylons,  New Zealand
37.  Reykjavik,   Iceland
38.  Taos Pueblo,  New Mexico
39.    Black Ball at Blackpool,      Lancashire
40.   Beaminster,    Dorset
41.   Erice,   Sicily
42.  Charles Bridge,  Prague
43.  Abandoned Hotel,  Romania
44.   Place Dauphine,  Paris
45.   Matera,   Basilicata,   Italy
46.   Cap Ferret,   France
47.  Taos Pueblo,  New Mexico
48.   Ratcliffe on Soar 7,   Nottingham
49.   St Malo Pier,   Normandy,  France
50.  Place Dauphine,  Paris,  France

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