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northern exposure

I've found myself increasingly drawn to evocative images with a lot of cloud and fog, rather than more typical landscape photographs that depend in large measure on sunlight.  Maybe these depend on light too- but it's a different sort of light.  It certainly means visiting locations and at times when this sort of image can be found, and here we have some of the results from autumn trips to Iceland and a spring visit to the Faroe Islands in 2014.  I have further visits planned to Iceland and the Lofoten Islands in the next year, so I expect this gallery to be somewhat dynamic in content. 

 01  Faroes
02  Faroes
03 Faroes
04  Faroes
05  Faroes
6 Faroes
7 Faroes
8 Faroes
9 Faroes
10 Faroes
11 Faroes
12 Faroes
13 Faroes
14 Faroes
15 Faroes
 16 Faroes
17 Faroes
18 Faroes
19 Faroes
20 Faroes
21 Iceland
22 Iceland
23  Iceland
24 Iceland B&W
25 Iceland
26 Skardabrun.
27 Iceland
28 Iceland
29 Iceland
30  Iceland
31 Iceland
32  Iceland
33 Iceland
34   Iceland
35  Iceland Cockpit, Hnjotur

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