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Pacific North-west

An interesting mix (or at least I think so) from a trip made in spring 2012.  I'd visited the Oregon coast several times before, but usually in late summer with clear blue skies.  This year's timing involved the chance of more dramatic skies but also the risk of rain.  Needless to say it rained a lot.  And when it didn't rain it was gloomy and cold.  Actually it made for some interesting photographs - just not a great number of them.  Inevitably once we left the coast and crossed the Cascades, the weather improved, but although two thirds of our trip lay behind us, the photography of the Palouse, Painted Hills and the Hood River blossom were carried out in close to ideal conditions.

An interesting by-product of the conditions on the coast is the high proportion of b&w photographs.  I do quite often agonise about whether I want to show a particular scene in colour or monochrome.  Not a relevent debate in many cases in these conditions on the coast - these photographs wanted to be in b&w.

01    Seattle Skyline
02   Astoria Bridge
03   Jetty posts and tanker
04  From Ecola Point
05   Astoria bridge
06   Grays Harbour from Hoquiam, Washington
07   Abandoned fish plant, Astoria
08  Astoria- Chinese Writing
09  Columbia River, Crown Point
10   Cannon Beach reflections
11   Another Cannon Beach reflection
12.   North from Cannon Beach, Oregon
13.    Coast near Yaquina Head, Oregon
14.   Bandon Beach, Oregon
15   Harris Beach, Oregon
16    Nightfall at Bandon Beach
17   The Coquille Light, Bandon, Oregon
18.   Harris Beach 2, Oregon
19  Myers Creek, Pistol River, Oregon
20   Santiam Pass, Oregon
21   Washtucna, Washington
22   Pear Blossom near Hood River
23  Painted Hills, Oregon.
24.. Painted Hills, Oregon
25   Painted Hills, Oregon
26   Painted Hills, Oregon
27   Painted Hills, Oregon
28   Painted Hills, Oregon
29   Painted Hills. Oregon
30.   Painted Hills.  Oregon
31   Palouse, Washington
32   Palouse, Washington
33   Palouse, Washington
34  Silos near Walla Walla
35   Palouse, Washington
36   Palouse, Washington
37  Palouse, Washington
38  Palouse , Washington
39   Palouse, Washington
40   Palouse, Washington

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