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This is a collection of photographs of interesting (well, to me anyway) pieces of rock, sometimes entire, sometimes just a small part.  Variety is secured through colour, shape and texture, but also by scale.  Some of these photographs portray a subject inches across, and taken from maybe a couple of feet away.  Others are entire rock faces maybe a hundred feet or so high, and taken from several hundred feet away.  It shouldn't be too hard to work out which is which.

1.  Spittal,    Northumberland Coast
2.  Petrified Forest, Arizona
3.       Cove Bay, Scotland
04.  Millook Haven, Cornwall
5.   Saltwick Bay,  Yorkshire
6.   Zion NP.   Utah
7.     Rock of Ages, Barre, Vermont
8.  Sandy Mouth,   Cornwall
9.   Cove Bay, Scotland
10.    Saltwick Bay, Yorkshire
11.  Talmine, Scotland
12.    Saltwick Bay, Yorkshire
13.   Belle Ile, Brittanny
14.  Cockburnlaw Beach, Northumberland
15.   Sandy Mouth, Cornwall
16.    Spittal,  Northumberland Coast
17.    Talmine, Scotland
18.    Cornwall
19.  Cockburnlaw  Northumberland
20.   Belle Ile, Brittany
21.   Sandy Mouth, Cornwall
22.  Cockburnlaw Beach, Northumberland
23.   Talmine, Scotland
24.  Sandy Mouth,    Cornwall
25.   Millook, Cornwall
26.  Spittal,   Northumberland Coast
27.  Granite quarry, Barre, Vermont
28.  Gros Morne, Newfoundland
29.  Cornwall
30.   Spittal,    Northumberland
31.   Cornwall
32.   Spittal,    Northumberland
33.  Rock of Ages quarry, Barre, Vermont
34.   Belle-Ile-en-mer, Brittany
35.  Cockburnlaw, Northumberland
36.    Arches Park,    Newfoundland
37. Sandy Mouth, Cornwall
38.  Campobello Island, Canada
39. Spittal,   Northumberland
40.  Spittal,   Northumberland

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